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Matthew Bowers

Director of Youth Ministry and Programming

Matthew Bowers currently serves as the Director of Youth Ministry and Programming for the Diocese of Southwest Florida and the director of their Summer Camp program as DaySpring


Michelle Mercurio

Administrative Assistant 

Michelle works as the registrar for Summer Camp and youth programs in the Diocese of Southwest Florida.


Retreat Leaders

Katie Arp

New Beginnings Lay Director

Katie serves as the Lay Director for New Beginnings, a retreat for Middle Schoolers focused on building relationships between youth and their peers, parents, and God. 


Macy Kendzior

Happening Lay Director

Macy serves as the Lay Director for Happening, a retreat for High Schoolers focused on helping them navigate the tough questions of their faith.

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Director of Youth & Programming, Summer Camp Director
Matthew Bowers
Work: 941-556-0315

Michelle Mercurio
Work: 941-556-0315 x977

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