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Half Elementary Day 2

This half session always throws us as a staff for a loop. By the time we get started it feels half over. That does not mean we have any less fun though. Today a fantastic time was had by all from wake up until lights out. We started the day with breakfast, and then morning devotions lead by Fr. Ryan. Our Junior Counselors led energizers and games to get us all excited for the day.

The morning activity was canoeing out on the cove. Our campers were able to hop in a boat and paddle around together. Popular activities while canoeing include throwing wet sponges at each other and splashing with boat paddles. When everyone was finished in the boats we went and cooled off by playing in the pool. After our fun in the pool we had a great lunch in curry hall.

After lunch we took some to rest and recoup before having chaplain's program. During chaplain's program campers built a house. This ties back to our core verse for the week from Hebrews that discusses god being the builder of everything. Between chaplain's program and dinner arts and crafts saw us doing rainbow scratch of dino's and putting more decorations on the leather name tags. Then the campers were able to play a variety of games for free time. Including Pool, GAGA ball, basketball, and table tennis.

When dinner was over we returned to DRD (DaySpring Research and Development group). Tonight at DRD our trainee scientists (campers) spent time performing a variety of scientific experiments to further our Dino research. From designing new dinos, and digging up fossils, to dino slime. After gaining knowledge at the DRD academy each camper was awarded a diploma by our faculty and inducted on the dino search team.

That is all for tonight. See you tomorrow for more. Enjoy this picture of our dino experiments.

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