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Half Elementary Day 3

Just as it began the session is about to close. We have had three super fun days. Today after breakfast we had the first camp Olympics of the 2022 camp season. If you have never been to camp before you may not know but Olympics are a huge deal. We began with a brand new opening ceremony, including cabin flag procession and a new opening ceremony video. Following that our staff competed in the time honored immunity challenge. This decided who would not be covered in pudding. After a long fought battle the girl staff were immune from pudding this week.

After selecting the tributes to be covered in chocolate dessert, we started our competition indoors with a shoe relay race and a ball pass. After determining medalist for those competitions we moved outside and competed cabin against cabin for several events. Including a classic Tug-of-war, water balloon toss, popsicle relay race, scooter soccer, and sponge relay. When the competitions were done we moved on to the final event the dreaded pudding toss. The contest that followed was unmatched in its stickiness.

After showering off, eating lunch, and resting we joined Fr. Ryan for the final segment of his amazing chaplain's program. Today our groups built a church out of pasta and marshmallows. The craft of the day was watercolors. Each of our campers was able to make a painting or if they preferred go play GAGA ball.

After dinner our final all camp event was a counselor hunt. The campers needed to find our staff that had been taken by our escaped dino experiment. When all the staff was found and the dino recaptured. We tested out some floor scooters in a cabin v cabin race.

All in all we could not ask for a better start to this camp year. Thank you for trusting us with your campers.

Final reminders that our closing service is at 11am in the morning, and pick up is at 12pm. We look forward to seeing you then.

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