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High School Day 2

The theme of the day was alien invasion. Something about the weather had us thinking that the Aliens were coming after us. This carried through the day until we hit the final evening event, a massive game called Alien.

The morning activity was canoeing out on the cove. Our campers were able to hop in a boat and paddle around together. Popular activities while canoeing include throwing wet sponges at each other and splashing with boat paddles. When everyone was finished in the boats we went and cooled off by playing in the pool. After our fun in the pool we had a great lunch in curry hall.

After lunch we took some to rest and recoup before having chaplain's program. During chaplain's program campers built a house. This ties back to our core verse for the week from Hebrews that discusses god being the builder of everything. Our campers took some time to draw a home on construction paper. They also met the small family group they will be working in this week for program time.

When dinner was over we returned to the main building to discover a mothership had landed and replaced our staff with poorly acting replicas. The campers objective was to collect pieced of the ray gun to push back the invasion. They had to do this while avoiding capture by the alien imposters.

That is all for tonight. See you tomorrow for more.

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