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Middle School Day 2

Good Evening,

This is Viscount Devon writing after a long day of combat with out superhero cadets. This morning after breakfast the first activity was a flip of yesterday. Half the camp went exploring in the aquatic training center using the boats and the other worked on physical feats in a game of kickball. These training exercises led up to lunch.

After some super rest time the hero's started rotations of campers choice, trying out different skill builders and games including fan favorites archery and swimming. When the afternoon was done the evening activity was a all out combat against the evil plans of our villain. The staff were brainwashed into hiding away from the superhero trainees. The campers went around the area to locate the missing staff and return them to safety. When the staff were returned the campers needed to run around and collect powerful rocks to return the staff hero's stolen super powers. Tomorrows morning activity will be high altitude training, we look forward to that.

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