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We are Officially Back! Half Elementary Here We Go!

I can not tell you how excited we were to invite campers back for the first time this summer. The camp is once again echoing with laughter and good time. We started by running through our new registration process. Having time to get to know the cabin staff and the new friends that campers will be bunking with for the session. Then the cabins were able to perform the first craft of the summer making leather name tags. Campers soaked the leather and then used punches and mallets to stamp names into the tag. Not only does it allow our campers to get to know each other more easily, but the name tag becomes a keepsake that they can take home to remind them of camp for many years to come.

After name tags the cabins went to dinner which is a fantastic time to meet new friends. Matt led us in singing and worship after dinner which moved perfectly into chaplain time with Fr. Ryan Whitley. He is our chaplain for the session. His program centered on getting to know each other and welcoming each other home to dayspring. Each camper was able to introduce themselves to the group with pictures they drew. He also introduced the theme verse from Hebrews chapter 3 "For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything."

Our night ended with activities introducing the dino theme for the week. Campers decorated dino eggs, played a game where they had to work together and catch other teams, and then joined each other at the camp fire for first night s'mores. The storm waited so that all of our campers could have a sweet treat. Then we moved inside for campfire songs, before heading to bed. We had a fantastic first night and can not wait for tomorrow.

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